Maybe too late for Vancouver, but I'm petitioning for this to be the newest Winter Olympic Sport

Canadians are insane. Insanely terrific.

But at least they are putting all that ice and cold to worthwhile use; and by worthwhile I mean entertaining more intelligent people.

Below is the best piece of video that has been on nhl.com since the lock-out:

What is it about Red Bull that tells people, "This event is completely ridiculous but we are going to sponsor it and make it legitimate"? How do they find such lunatics to risk their lives to compete for virtually nothing? It is a phenomenon that I do not understand or wish to be curtailed in any way.

And Canadians: don't let me down when I come see you in Vancouver. I want to see/be a part of some poorly thought out drinking activities that might/should end up with a trip to a hospital. At least its free for you guys.

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