The Convenient Life

We have: 
climate control 
focus groups 
drive-ins, drive-ups, and drive-thrus
where we have ads on our food. 
We are: 
over-stimulated, over-diagnosed, and over-worked. 
But we are under-lifed. 
We have a cell phone app called "face-time". 
Identity fraud is a federal offense but there is no punishment for existence fraud. 

We are afraid to face the day, face our fears, and get older.

We often doubt, second guess, regret.

We need something to look forward to so life doesn't seem so unbearable. A vacation. An after life. 

All the while, life itself is overlooked.

We fret, ignore, dispute, deceive, dismiss, refute.

We work towards a better future, yet reminisce on the 'better days'.

We want the present to be the past, and the future to be the present, but don't want to get older.

We are now used to getting what we want how we want it when we want it.
And we demand it.
And we complain when it's not perfect or not instant. 
What is it that truly matters? My iPad? My car?My condo? My credit card rewards points?
Let's see.

1. Note that none of the slogans include the product. What soda pop's slogan was "Be young, have fun, drink_______?" in 1993?
    Dr. Pepper
    Mountain Dew

2. "Once you pop, you just can't stop," is what potato chips' slogan?

3. "Double your pleasure, double your fun. It's the _________, __________ chewing gum!"

4. What paper towel's advertising slogan is "The quilted quicker-picker upper, __________!"
    Mardi Gras

5. What candy's slogan is "Taste the Rainbow,"?
    M & M's
Seem easy? 

Now take this quiz on modern world facts:

1 - What is the capital of Scotland?

2 - From which country were the majority of the 9/11 hijackers?

3 - Of the following countries, which is not included in the negotiations on the etablisment of a 'Free Trade Area of the Americas'?

4 - In which country was Osama bin Laden killed ?

5 - Which South American country is shown below?


Edinburgh; Saudi Arabia; Florida; Cuba; Pakistan; Argentina

That is what is considered by kstudio.com to be their easiest modern world quiz.
In a news report in any medium, at what point does the content end and the advertisement begin? Which do you think are more effective at delivering information? Which productions have bigger budgets? 
The messages have evolved to subtly subliminal. But they started as this:

It's hard to consider one's own perspective. Here's something to try- enter a date and/or time, and find out just how much time you have until then:

What will you do with it?

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