Sandy Hook and What is Our Duty

To not have the discussion about what has happened in Connecticut is to be an irresponsible member of society. As a part of this generation of human existence, we must take responsibility for each and every person in society, not because we created them, but because we are them, for better, or in this case, for worse. We cannot take credit for the innovations in our society without also owning up to the scars we have suffered.

This incident is particularly difficult to process. A presumably sane adult premeditated a mass murder in an unsuspecting elementary school.

This did not occur in an alleged war zone or third world country overrun by pirates. This happened in the United States of America in 2012. While we are at war with tyranny and oppression on foreign soil, we must not forget about the conflict within our borders.

The capitalist society has the potential volatility of a brutal society. If it is the fittest that survive, what becomes of the un-fit? This presents a most troubling paradigm. Those outcast by the machine can either whither or embrace the role forced upon them, and rebel. The problem with rebelling is that there is no predictable outcome. The result has no concern for society, nor should it. No, the only purpose is to react, of opposite, but not always equal magnitude.

Who is to blame for making Adam Lanza this way? Perhaps that is not the right question. Discovering an answer might appease us, but this is a selfish notion. This implies the desire to point a finger, wag, and return to business as usual until the next tragedy. Wash, rinse, repeat. This is not an acceptable course of action.

Adam Lanza may well be written off as another insane youth gone awry. Again, this generalization provides an answer to appease those of us unwilling or incapable of digging deeper. And though there may not be a clear answer, that only points to our naivete of the mind rather than the complexity of it. While the unknown can be frightening, in this case, apathy is the most terrifying attitude of all.

Let us not presume, assume, or otherwise project Adam Lanza's motivations, however unstable or lucid. Let us only empathize with the loved ones of the deceased, sympathize with the survivors, and reflect on what has become of us.
To move on without doing so is to disregard that which makes us human.

If you ask me, that's what got us in this mess in the first place.

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  1. Beautiful stuff. For shame that I didn't know this blog existed. Please bring this blog back!